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€ 2.50

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Car park Gateway Gardens

Jean-Gardner-Batten-Straße 3

60549 Frankfurt am Main

Park Intelligently - Arrive Relaxed

Work-life balance is a reality at Gateway Gardens: this quarter offers unique opportunities to combine efficient work in a state-of-the-art setting with relaxed breaks in nature. Located conveniently close to Frankfurt Airport, this international business location also scores high in terms of enjoyment and lifestyle. The future has already arrived here - also where parking is concerned!


You can take advantage of a wide range of parking options. Whether you’re a short-time, occasional, or regular parker, you can always count on being able to park conveniently close to wherever you need to go. Besides being located very close to the city and airport, the Gateway Gardens parking garage is excellently connected to the A3 and A5 motorways. It's also served hy its own suburban train (S-Bahn) stop. From here it's just a short hop to the airport and only three stations to downtown Frankfurt.

Intelligent Parking Solutions with Enhanced Comfort and Convenience

You’re invited to take advantage of 1253 parking spaces on nine levels. Next-generation parking technology with integrated license plate capture lets registered customers drive in and out contactlessly. The ticket taken by each short-time or day parker is automatically associated with their license plate number, causing the barrier to open automatically when they drive out after paying. For even greater convenience, you can also pay by credit card right at the exit. Individually monitored parking spaces and an efficient guidance system minimize the time spent searching for an empty space, which also helps reduce emissions.


To faciliate parking, the spaces are comfortably large with a width of between 2.5 and 3.5 m. There are also 65 charging points for electric cars with up to 100 amps (= 22 kW) The bicycle parking racks on the ground level are also equipped with chargers.

Public Parking

Whether you have things to do here in the quarter – shopping, for example, or attending a work meeting – or intend to take the suburban train to central Frankfurt or visit the Deutsche Bank park, it’s worthwhile to take advantage of our conveniently located parking garage.


The parking spaces for public parking are located on level 2 - 9 and are 2.50 m wide. In addition, 45 e-charging stations (up to 22 kW/h) are available on level 2.


Families can park comfortably in extra-wide parking spaces. For guests with reduced mobility, extra-wide parking spaces are also available on the ground floor (level 1).

Parking charges

Duration Price
per hour or part thereof € 2.50
first day max. € 20.00
per hour thereafter € 2.50
each additional day max. € 20.00

While you're parking here with us, you can also conveniently charge your vehicle.

20 charge points are available on level 1 to Corporate+ custumers and guests with reduced mobility (with "G" or "aG" status). There are another 45 charge points on level 2 for use by all of our customers.

Due to the limited number of charge points, we can't guarantee that a charge point will be available. A reservation in advance is not possible. Please bring your own charging cable (standard plug type 2).


Here is how charging works:


1. Start charging

Before you start charging, please check your charging cable to make sure it is undamaged and that the charge point is ready to operate (the green LED should be lit). Plug the charging cable into the charge point, then connect it to your vehicle. Take care to prevent loops from forming in the cable to reduce the risk of tripping. Activate the charge point using an appropriate app or QR code.

2. Charging

The vehicle is charged; the blue LED lights up.

3. Complete the charging procedure

Unplug the charging cable from the vehicle first, then from the charge point.

The 38 extra-wide special parking spaces for customers with reduced mobility are located on Level 1 and can be used by people who are in possession of a parking permit with the designation "G" meaning "exceptionally reduced mobility in road traffic" or "aG" meaning "exceptional walking disability".

At the entrance to the parking area please take a regular ticket and follow the signs "Barrierefrei". Press the call button on the next entry device. Our service team will grant you access to the area. Please display your reduced mobility parking permit clearly visible in your vehicle. The regular parking fees apply.

  1. Take a parking ticket from the machine
  2. The barrier opens
  3. Park your vehicle
  4. Insert your parking ticket or enter your license plate number in the payment machine
  5. The barrier automatically opens when you drive to the exit 


Vehicles’ license plate numbers are electronically captured by the facility operator when driving in and out of a parking garage. This is in order to check whether long-term parkers are authorized to access the facility (while complying with Article 6 I a) of the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union), and in the case of short-term parkers to meet the operator’s legitimate interest in preventing fraud, in this case in compliance with Article 6 I f) of the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. Recorded license plate numbers of short-term parkers are deleted 24 hours after they drive out. For detailed information, please consult the locally posted rules on use of parking spaces, your contract, or

  1. Hold your credit card up to the NFC reader at the entrance.
  2. The barrier opens
  3. Park your vehicle
  4. When driving out, hold your credit card up to the NFC reader at the exit or insert it into the slot*
  5. The barrier opens after you have paid

* Please note that you might enter your PIN!

Long term parking

Contract products Corporate and Corporate+


We offer companies and their employees attractively priced subscriptions. For example, our Corporate deals make parking and paying extremely easy: you can park as often as you like while paying a fixed monthly rate.


Depending on your needs, you can choose between Corporate and Corporate+. The Corporate+ option lets you park on extra-wide spaces on the ground level.

Long term

Price per month

80 € *

12h Parking permit

Parking area: Level 2 - 9

E-charging option based on availability

Contact us

Long term

Price per month

110 € *

24h Parking permit

Parking area: Level 2 - 9

E-charging option based on availability

Contact us

Long term

Price per month

119 € *

24h Parking permit

Separate parking area: Level 1

Extra-wide parking spaces: 2.50m - 2.70m

E-charging option based on availability

Contact us

*net plus VAT

You can choose from three different approaches for driving in and out of the garage. After concluding a subscription contract, you will be emailed a QR code, which you can load into your wallet, and receive a parking card by regular mail. Hold the QR code or parking card up to the machine at the entrance or exit. Your legitimation is checked and, if verified, the barrier opens. The third possibility is to use your license plate number, which you can store with us for this purpose. The barrier then opens automatically when your license plate number is detected. This eliminates the need for you to walk to the pay machine, letting you proceed straight to your vehicle. At the exit, the barrier opens after you show your parking card or QR code or your license plate has been scanned.

The minimum duration of a parking subscription is three months. A contract with an indefinite term is concluded unless you indicate an expiration date. After the minimum period has elapsed, you may cancel at any time by giving notice at least four weeks before the end of a calendar month.

You are billed by us on a monthly basis.

You can register up to three different license plate numbers per contract. However, please note that only one of the vehicles may use the parking garage at the same time.

Green Parking

The Gateway Gardens parking garage delights users with forward-looking, attractive architecture and energy-saving technology. Because the building seals a minimum of soil and features a slanted roof, it helps to conserve resources. It was also built with mostly recycled materials, including nearly 90% of the steel used. A 50-kilowatt rooftop photovoltaic system with energy storage supplies parts of the garage with electric power generated on site, among other things the building’s illuminated exterior. On the inside, an intelligent color coding system makes it easy for users to find their way around. In terms of eco-friendliness and sustainability, our parking garage is fully in line with our motto, “The Future Parks Here”.


DHL Packstation

Packstation 210

open 24/7


Bicycle parking

Four bicycle parking spaces with e-charging facilities (230V) are available on the ground floor.


Gateway Gardens area

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